We Need You

Volunteering information evening, Wednesday 12th March, Portadown Cares shop at 7.30pm, everyone welcome! We are in the process of registering for the Millennium Volunteers program, the certificates look great on a C.V. or UCAS application! #localicraigavon

Drug and Alcohol Awareness Evening 13th march 2014

FREE drug and alcohol awareness evening in Portadown town hall, Thursday 13th March at 7.30pm. An informal, interactive evening to let parents and guardians know what is on the streets, what to look out for and how to help your child. No Power Points, homework or anything else boring! Light refreshments will be provided. If anyone wants to take it further after the event we can take you down the road of recognised qualifications in the form of OCN 1, 2 and 3. To book your place pm us, e-mail info@portadowncares.org or Tel – 07858188406 #localicraigavon

Going Commando for Charity

So who’s up for it?….If on 7 March you notice your male colleagues looking a bit more relaxed around the trouser area, that may be because they’ve decided to shun the undies drawer for a day, to try and raise awareness for prostate, testicular and bowel cancer.

As part of a new campaign, the charity Male Cancer Awareness Campaign have created a day called Going Commando (part of the Balls Out Challenge) to stem the embarrassment that men feel when talking about health issues. Will you join in? #localicraigavon

Computer Lessons

Do any of you know anyone over the age of 55 who would be interested in FREE computer lessons? We are running a basic computer and internet course on a Monday morning, starting on Monday 24th March at 10.30am in the town hall lasting 5 weeks with a break for Easter. It will cover things such as writing a letter using Word, sending and receiving e-mails and how to use the internet. It will be a fun relaxed environment, a chance to get out of the house and meet new people, refreshments will be provided. If you know anyone who would be interested please let them know. #localicraigavon

Suicide and Mental Health Awareness Evening

The Ted Clarke Trust working with PIPS Charity are hosting a Suicide and Mental Health Awareness Evening at Shamrock Park on Friday 14th March. The FREE session is aimed at coaches, mentors, volunteers and fans giving them the knowledge to spot the signs of someone feeling suicidal. The evening commences at 6.30pm until 8.30pm, there are currently a few spaces available. Anyone wishing to avail of this is asked to email there interest to community@portadownfc.co.uk

The following are a few stats regarding suicide in Northern Ireland –

More people die of suicide than are killed on the roads
Males suicide rate five times higher than females
Suicide kills one million people a year worldwide
One person takes their own life every 40 seconds

More people die of suicide each year than war and murder combined
The critical age males take their own lives is 25-29
The critical age females take their own lives is 50-59
Alcohol abusers one of highest risks of taking their own lives
We must get to know the suicidal risk factors