About Us

A local charity providing a ‘Community Hug’ to those in need in the local area. Registered charity number NIC106556.

General information:

Portadown Cares is a local charity that strives to help those people in our town who, through no fault of their own, have come upon hard times. We provide help on a practical basis and can also help to point them in the right direction in relation to counselling, benefits etc.

Christmas 2017 saw us deliver 160 food hampers to pensioners, individuals and families and new toys for 206 children in need easing the burden at the most expensive time of year and in many cases putting food on the table where there was none.

We organise various fundraising and community information events during the year. There is a awareness table that we set up in our shop for local charity’s and organisations so they can promote their cause to the local community. Please contact the shop for further information and available dates.

If you or someone you know feel you could benefit from our help please get in touch through this page.

All enquiries and subsequent offers of help will be treated in the strictest confidence.

For our most current up to date information please look at our Facebook page.