Christmas Hampers 2016

Portadown Cares strives to help those in need. The work that we do in the shop is our only source of funding and we try our best to help as many families as possible. Each year, Portadown Cares launches a Hamper appeal to provide food and toys for those who may not be able to support themselves at this expensive time of year. In these hampers, there are ingredients to make a Christmas Dinner and some other luxuries including crisps, chocolate and tinned food. Local people in the community are invited to fill out nomination forms to nominate someone they believe would benefit from a Hamper, and the process is completely anonymous. We are often greeted by shocked and thankful faces as the people who receive the Hampers are completely unaware that they have been nominated, and are very grateful that they can have a Merry Christmas. If there are kids in the family, we try our best to provide a few bags of toys for the families to wrap up to have something under the tree.

This year we managed to make up and deliver over 140 hampers to the local people of Portadown. It took a lot of teamwork and coordination from our committee and volunteers to get these hampers ready to go. The public have been fantastic by donating toys and food for the hampers as well as showing their support and we just want to say a big Thank You to all who donated for this cause!  Your continued support will help us to fund our Hamper Appeal in 2017!